Lincoln Cole

Forging Legends One Universe at a Time

Forging Legends One Universe at a Time

Horizon's Wake Book Series


Book I - UAV

by Lincoln Cole

After mercenaries kidnap two drone operators and steal software that can pilot military drones from anywhere in the world, Kate Allison is called to action to try and stop them before they can use American drones against civilians. A woman with a sordid history, Kate is trying to make up for past mistakes.

She teams up with the unlikeliest of partners in her mission: Lyle Goldman, the application developer who designed the drone software. He's her only hope of finding a way to shut down the mercenaries and figure out who is behind this attack. Unfortunately, Lyle is being hunted by the FBI in connection with the stolen software and is being framed for the crime.

Can they stop this attack and clear Lyle's name before it is too late?

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by Lincoln Cole

Kate Allison and Lyle Goldman are corporate mercenaries. They work for high paying clients to handle the messy work corporations would rather keep out of the public eye. After a stretch of bad jobs, they finally get a lucky break:

It is the easiest job they've had in months: a simple object recovery mission with payment that is almost too good to be true. About time the get an easy payday, right?


Things go sideways almost immediately and they find themselves fighting to stay one step ahead of the company chasing them. They are hunted, betrayed, and protecting one of the most important assets they've ever come into contact with. The truth they uncover represents not only a billion dollar investment for the company, but the key to a dangerous genetic future for humanity.

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