Lincoln Cole

Forging Legends One Universe at a Time

Forging Legends One Universe at a Time

Time Series

Ripples Through Time

Book I - Ripples Through Time

by Lincoln Cole

Calvin Greenwood is a family man in his eighties. He is alone for the first time in over sixty years: his wife, Emily, just passed away and he isn't taking her loss well. He doesn't remember how to be alone, and he isn't sure if he can forgive himself for the mistakes he made while she was alive.

Edward White is a long time family friend who knows something is wrong with Calvin. He comes to check on him during his time of need and make sure he isn't planning to do anything reckless. Edward understands just how dangerous things are for someone struggling the way Calvin is, and he hopes talking to him can settle things back down. He just hopes he isn't too late to help.

Help, however, isn't the easiest thing to give, and it can be even more difficult to accept...

Love, loss, and forgiveness weave through this human tale of friendship and hope.

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Second Chances

Book II - Second Chances

by Lincoln Cole

Nichole is caught in a tough position. She is juggling too many responsibilities as her world falls apart. She isn’t sure where she can turn to for help, and she is facing a lot of harsh realities about just how much society can hold her back.

Richard is a corporate lawyer who lost his way. He wants to help Nichole through this heartbreaking situation, but he makes mistakes and loses her trust. He discovers that he’s been doing the right things for the wrong reasons for a long time. Everything begins to fall apart as he realizes he's swept problems under the rug for so long he might no longer be able to fix them. After meeting an alcoholic who is struggling to take control of his life, Richard wakes up to just how far off-course his life has become and attempts to right it.

Can Nichole and Richard overcome their differences and earn a Second Chance in this multiple award-winning novel?

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